Feast Yo Self is a website dedicated to vegan and vegetarian food and the amazing blogs that give us fresh, unique and absolutely delicious recipes. We update our site at least once daily to ensure the freshest recipes and hottest options are always at your disposal.

We are forever grateful to the creative and enterprising culinary geniuses we feature.

Every morning for the past two years I woke up an hour or so before the rest of my family and tried to patch together that evening’s meal. As a frugal and health conscious vegetarian, I wanted to keep my partner contented with eating in and my children focused on how delicious wholesome, healthy foods could be. I started out going to the mainstream sites like Food Network and All Recipes but eventually lost interest. While I would, and occasionally still do, find something appealing on those sites, they lacked the creativity and flair I was hoping to bring to the table. Beyond that, I started having a hard time separating healthy, delicious vegetarian recipes from those that just seemed to be compensating with salt and extra oil.

Slowly, and through the power of google, I started finding these smaller, personal blogs. I don’t remember which ones were the first, and at this point I really don’t want to play favorites, but my dinner tables haven’t really ever been the same since. I kept these sites listed on a small text file on my computer and every morning I’d check each one for new recipes or go through their archives for things I may have missed.

I was hooked.

To my surprise, I found that there are LOTS of food blogs out there, and there are no shortage of vegetarian and vegan blogs either. Over time, I trimmed my list down to those sites that consistently offered the best recipes—at least according to the mouths I feed. Every morning, I would send out a family email with the best options I could find that day for everyone to vote on. Eventually that process combined with a little technical support ended up being this site.

If there are any sites you’d like to see added, or if there’s anything you really like or dislike about the site, please let me know: feastyoself@gmail.com

Important stuff:

  • We will never post full recipes. When deciding to make this a public endeavor, we put a great deal of thought into how to share this idea without taking anything away from the sites we love. We merely provide a list of ingredients the same as you’d find on the back of any grocery food box. If you want to know how to make it, you’ll have to click through to the blog being cited. Click through anyways if you like what you see. Chances are there are pages of recipes waiting to be discovered.
  • We are only interested in recipes. A lot of these sites are amazingly intimate. People share their families, their adventures and sometimes their heart breaks, and we’re grateful for it. However, Feast Yo Self is all about the food.
  • We, in my family, are vegetarians. We eat eggs and dairy, and that’s the focus of the recipes we feature. There are several purely vegan blogs that I adore, and while those recipes will also be featured, when listing the ingredients we may remove certain vegan tags if the non-vegan option would seem to work just as well. For instance, I will almost always list “cheese” instead of “vegan cheese.” This is a work in progress. Thoughts?
  • We are currently in the process of reaching out to all of the blogs we feature to make sure they are comfortable with how their work is being featured. However, with work days being long and weekends dedicated to enjoying these last vestiges of summer, emails have been slow to go out. While we are confident that our website should not detract in any way from traffic or attention rightly due to these sites, we also want to respect the wishes of those we feature. If you are one of the people, THANK YOU!, and if you have any questions, concerns or comments on how we work, please drop us a email or hang tight, ours should be to you shortly.